Why Borrow from Us?

Why Borrow from Us?

BayMark Financial offers private investor money for 1st and 2nd Trust Deed Loans available for those in need of FAST mortgage financing without strict bank underwriting.

  • » We are able to provide private money mortgages for borrowers who cannot prove their income, have no or poor credit, have high debt ratios or are in default (N.O.D.) or in bankruptcy.
  • » We specialize in extremely QUICK funding of private money mortgages secured by residential and commercial properties in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, all loans are internally underwritten which allow for fast approvals.
  • » Rates on our equity loans are competitively priced.

For current interest rates on available Trust Deed loans call us at (650) 345-4222, send us an email message, or contact us with our Contact Form.

Information about how to avoid foreclosure and the steps borrowers can take to explore this option are available here.

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