Why Invest Through Us?

Why Invest through Us?

Since our inception in 1982, BayMark Financial’s knowledge of the real estate market and expertise in Trust Deed Note transactions have provided our investors with a consistent and predictable fixed rate of return.

BayMark Financial’s principal officer has been a licensed California real estate broker specializing in the Trust Deed loan business since 1976.

The majority of our Trust Deed notes are secured by San Francisco Bay Area residential properties.

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  • »Your investment is virtually management-free as we oversee every aspect of the loan transactions including setting up the Trust Deed Note documentation, preparing escrow instructions and providing the required governmental disclosures. We also handle all collections and forward the monthly payments to you or your designated depository.
  • »Since our Trust Deed Notes provide a fixed interest rate of return, the expected yield is more predictable than equities or variable interest rate investments.
  • »Your Trust Deed investments are individually recorded in your name or retirement plan’s name as opposed to owning shares in a pooled-fund-entity, such as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which holds the Trust Deed Note in the entity’s name. Our investment method totally eliminates the risk of a REIT bankruptcy.
  • »Each Trust Deed Note has a specified loan term which ranges from 12 to 72 months, beneficial to a relatively short-term investment strategy. Additionally, the monthly payment of the notes is either interest-only or amortized over 40 years, which results in most of your capital working for you.
  • »The majority of our promissory notes are secured as First Trust Deeds. These are senior to any junior Trust Deed lien holders and, as such, have priority over any claims of the junior lienors.
  • »Our successful track record over the years of our Trust Deed investments has lead to continual growth in our investor base simply by word of mouth. There has not been a need to advertise for additional investors.
  • »Our Trust Deed Notes have provided a significantly higher rate of return per annum than money market funds and, although FDIC insured, Certificate of Deposits (CDs).

Please take into account that past performance of our Trust Deed Notes is not an indication of future results. Our Trust Deed Note investments are not insured by any government agency and are not guaranteed. Trust Deed Note investments offered through BayMark Financial, Inc. are not liquid and involve risk, including the possible loss of principal. The information contained herein constitutes neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer for any investment.

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